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Garage Condo: The Ultimate Man Cave

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not enough room at home to house all your cars, beer, flat screens and buddies? Buy a garage condo and the wife will never nag you to store her minivan in there again.

This particular example is located at the AutoMotorPlex in Minneapolis, a sort of country club for gearheads with garage condo units surrounding a bar-equipped clubhouse. The local cars and coffee takes place there, making it easy for residents to show off their metal.


The idea behind garage condos is fairly simple and works just like a regular condominium. A developer handles the permits, the property, the building construction, getting utilities hooked up etc, then you buy a unit, do you what you want with it and pay a monthly fee for services like snow removal, security and for communal services like the clubhouse. In the case of the AutoMotorPlex that adds up to $39-99k to buy a unit then $100 a month in association fees.

The guy who built out this unit opted for one of the larger spaces, then kitted it out with a luxury home's worth of amenities like a stone-tiled bathroom with shower, two flat screen televisions, a cigar deck and a couch that looks like it'll be a great place to sleep when his wife figures out how much money he's spending on this. His plan is to build his dream car, a Shelby Cobra in here while also using it as a place to store and showoff the rest of his collection. Do want.


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