Gangstas And Euro-Type Off-Roaders Rejoice! The G-Wagen Lives!

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We knew we kept Leftlane News at hand for a reason. They're reporting that contrary to popular belief, the G-Class will not be superseded by the more soft-roady GL-Class, but will live on in all its slab-sided Land-Rover baitin', Bronco-bustin' glory. While the GL will be produced by DCX in Sindelfingen, the Gel ndewagen will continue to be built by Magna Steyr in sterreich. No doubt the bling contingent and the world's well-heeled adventurers as well as the more tough-minded soccer moms of Beverly Hills are poppin' corks and doing the Chicken Dance right now. You're welcome.

Mercedes Will Not Discontinue Legendary G-Class [Leftlane News]

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