G-Power's New (Insert Superlative Here) BMW M6

In the battle of ridiculous tuner shop superlatives, tuning shop G-Power takes the cake with the BMW M6 Hurricane RR, calling it the "world's fastest four-seat coupé." Really? Could we possibly get any more infantile infinite in our regression here?

Whatever. Based on the outgoing BMW M6 Coupé, the Hurricane RR slaps the V10 bi-supercharged engine from their similarly-festooned-with-superlatives G-Power M5 Hurricane RR, which delivers a staggering 800 HP and and max torque of 590 lb-ft.


That'll give the upgraded M6 a 0-to-62 time of "less than 4.35 seconds" and supposedly a 0-to-186 time of just 24.9 ticks of the swiss second hand.

It's not just the engine that's seeing an upgrade, there's also a coil-over sports suspension that has a trick feature providing nine-way adjustable action for compression, rebound and height. Good, because it'll need some added height thanks to the 20" forged-alloy wheels.

Although there's no pricing yet, expect it to be high — especially as they've added all the usual German tuner shop trimmings like a carbon fiber front aero kit and rear spoiler. Plus there's those interior upgrades like carbon fiber trim atop the regular BMW trim pieces. And don't forget the new perforated Nappa leather steering wheel.


Yup, musn't forget that.

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