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G-Power V10-powered BMW 3-Series

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Shoehorning a BMW V10 in all manner of 3-Series models is a kind of totem for the German tuning set. Now, G-power says it's done so to an E46 M3 coupe. The engine's from a current M5, worked to produce 550 hp. The "heart transplant" reduces the car's zero-to-62 (100 km/h) time to 4.2 seconds and top speed to — old on to your liederhosen — 208 mph. Next stop, 750 hp via twin superchargers. Bis morgen! [World Car Fans]


Press Release:

Spectacular heart transplant

* spectacular modification for BMW M3 V10
* 550 hp / 580 Nm / Vmax: 335 km/h
* perfectly tailored to higher performance tuned suspension
* new SILVERSTONE wheel in 20 Zoll


G-POWER, the guarantor of three decades of high-value BMW tuning, once again demonstrates their expertise in the field of motor design modifications. Current modification is for no less a figure than the BMW M3 E46 CSL! It receives a G-POWER revised V10 motor out of the current BMW M-series. With considerably more than 500 hp, the CSL is promised more significantly improved driving performance, yet remains practically unchanged in appearance: a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Heart transplant brings a quantum leap!

With the BMW M3 CSL, northern German refiners G-POWER present a further exemplar for BMW series vehicles equipped with V10 motors. First time vehicle presentation was held June 2007 at the Salzburg-Ring in Austria during the M Drivers Club meeting; official partners of G-POWER. The modulation of the larger V10 aggregate to the significantly smaller M3 CSL engine compartment is mastered by G-POWER with flying colours. Directly consequential to the V10 series aggregate from the M5 is a substantial increase in performance alone, yet G-POWER would not be G-POWER if there wasn't more to be had. Pertaining to engine tuning, G-POWER's customers benefit from 26 years of collected experience. Balancing this experience, the V10 elicits 550 hp and catapults to an acceleration of guaranteed 580Nm. In contrast to the original six-cylinder in-line engine with 360 hp and 370 Nm, the results are really quite impressive. The remaining facts are no less spectacular. Despite a somewhat higher vehicle total weight of 1550kg, G-POWER with it's "heart tranplant" sank the power to weight ratio from a good 3,9 kg/hp to a superior 2,7 kg/hp. Instead of 4,8 seconds from 0-100 km/h, G-POWER CSL V10 reached this mark in a breath-taking 4,2 seconds. Even more important in reference to super sports cars, is the speed acceleration to 200 km/h. With 11,6 seconds, the G-POWER CSL V10 leaves all others with scarcely a chance. Often the top speed of this bolide surpasses even those more powerful engines from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen or Maranello, Italy: 335 km/h is a quantum leap versus the 285 of the original M3 CSL!

This V10 "operation" from G-POWER is available for the complete palette of the BMW models. Whether the current 3-series coupé, Z4, X5 or new M3, G-POWER rises and meets each challenge. Additionally, G-POWER is already working on a bi-compressor kit for the V10 engine and shall be setting further milestones in the higher divisions of the distinguished BMW refinement segment. The targeted performance of the first level lays by approximately 640 hp and for those especially power hungry, further levels can liberate up to a possible 750 hp .

Clearly, for more security even further alterations on the CSL technology are necessary. Based on brute performance, G-POWER took on the suspension as well. Working closely with suspension manufacturer KW automotive, which is very succsessful in racing at Nuerburgring-Nordschleife, the northern Germans compiled an extensivey tested suspension system. It is perfecty adjusted to the car´s power and is suitable for race track and road use as well.



G-POWER equips the otherwise externally unaltered M3 CSL with its newest wheels. G-POWER's affinity to racing sports is clear to anyone by name alone: SILVERSTONE.


The new G-POWER SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheel is provided a "concave" rim contour design specially developed for the latest BMW vehicle generation but suis older models such as the M3 E46 CSL perfectly as well. With this new, for G-POWER protected design, a pure BMW wheel was generated exclusively adjusted to the BMW brake outlines. Through this optimized spatial relationship, G-POWER improves additional brake ventilation. The special interpretation of multi-spoked design SILVERSTONE rims instantaneously makes the entire wheel unit exceptionally unique!

In addition, this wheel already more than satisfies the exacting safety requirements imposed by Bavarian manufacturer's. They feature BMW stipulated run-flat capabilities in conjunction with approved tires! Furthermore, they are lighter in weight than the BMW factory M-wheels. The reduced unsprung weight has a noticable positive impact on comfort, even in conjunction with ultra low profile tires!


The new wheel, with ist striking appearance due to it's unusual shaped 10-double spoke design, is manufactured in OEM quality. Naturally, they are "made in Germany"! Immediately eye-catching are the extravagant screw fittings that seem to signify a multiple pieced structure. Completely on the contrary though as it's a one-pieced wheel that through its characteristics, is quite exquisite. The latest G-POWER technique of surface coating SILVERSTONE DIAMOND wheels effectively prevents brake dust and dirt from "baking" onto the wheels. This makes the wheel particularily easy to care for. The silver-graphite-coated spider with its brightly shining "diamond cut" face, creates a fascinating and dynamic effect, blending harmoniously with all BMW exterior colours. Customers acquire a wheel with a classic and stylish appearance.

The SILVERSTONE program is available in sizes 18 " through 21" in widths from 8.5" to 10.5". Presented here, M3 CSL rolls on SILVERSTONE 21-inch wheels.


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I want to see somebody shoehorn it into a 1-series.