Future Williams F1 Driver Used a PowerPoint to Show the Team Why He Deserved the Spot

George Russell at the F1 Mexican Grand Prix.
Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty Images)

There are only 20 cars in the current Formula One field, meaning competition for seats that happen to be open for the upcoming season is fierce. Because of that, it sometimes takes a little extra to get noticed—like how Motorsport.com reports that Formula 2 driver George Russell used PowerPoint to make his case.

To be exact, Russell used the PowerPoint to show the Williams F1 team “why he was going to be [its] best driver” in trying to get a spot on the 2018 lineup, the team’s chief technical officer Paddy Lowe told Motorsport.com. Lowe said he’d “never received one of those before,” probably because few people are cool enough to dream up the idea for a “Why I’m Worthy” slideshow presentation.


(Russell, who’s leading the F2 championship, didn’t get the ride in 2018. But in October, Williams signed him to a “multi-year agreement” starting in 2019.)

Sure, Russell missed out the year he did his slideshow presentation, but the presentation alone rocks. This dude went out there, called up his experience from the likely many times he had to type up some slideshow about a famous place for history class, and took those skills straight to the Williams F1 team to try go get a spot in one of the world’s top racing series. That’s awesome.

I also imagine that kind of thing going something like this:


That’s how I’d do it, anyway. 

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