Furious 7's "Only Female Stunt Driver" Admits She Lied About Movie

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Sulinh Lafontaine managed to fool a number of people into believing she was not only a stunt driver for Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-punchathon Furious 7, but the only female stuntwoman on the movie. She wasn’t and we thoroughly debunked her claims in this article and now Lafontaine has admitted to fabricating the whole thing.


In a post on her Facebook page, Lafontaine apologizes for “the fabrication, inappropriate and misleading claims I made concerning my involvement in the movie” which is to say basically all of her claims, including: She is a professional stunt driver, she was a stunt driver for the film, she drove basically all of the cars in the most interesting scenes, she’s one of the few female stunt drivers, she was the only female stunt driver in the movie, she is just simply grateful she is able to live her passion.

Not surprisingly, the professional stunt community didn’t appreciate the comments she gave that some outlets reported, nor what she said on the red carpet during the film’s debut (which she somehow got into).


Here’s the apology in full, which doesn’t include the comments of people scoffing at her and calling her delusional:

With the utmost humility and regret, I wish to apologize to the Stunt Community, the Production Crew of Furious 7, and Universal Studios for the fabrication, inappropriate and misleading claims I made concerning my involvement in the movie.

My behavior was extremely inappropriate, and lacked the respect the Stunt Community deserves.

More importantly, I take this opportunity to apologize to Debbie Evans and all the stunt women, for attempting to take credit for their work on the movie, and I ask their forgiveness.

With sincerest regret and remorse.

-Sulinh Lafontaine

Good luck with that.

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I’m baffled she tried to lie about something so easy to disprove?

Did she seriously think no one involved with the movie would hear these comments?

If you’re going to lie about shit, lie about how fast you drove one night on a deserted highway, all those touchdown passes you threw in high-school, and how hot your Canadian girlfriend is.