Full-Size 1964 Lego Ford Mustang Is Amazing But Hiding a Shameful Secret

Yes, there’s no question this 1964½ Ford Mustang made of Legos is remarkable. From a distance, it could easily pass for a well-kept but oddly matte-finished vintage Mustang. Up close, it looks like you’ve been transported to an alternate lo-res reality. It’s astoundingly good. But it is hiding a secret.


That secret? It’s not all Legos– there’s an aluminum chassis under there! I mean, it’s not that big a deal really, but for some reason I always assumed these massive Lego sturctures were pure, uncut Lego.

There’s no shortage of Legos in there – of the 1712 pounds that the Mustang weighs, 960 pounds are Lego bricks (and Duplo bricks, too, which surprised me a bit) and the chassis takes up the remaining 752 pounds.

The level of detail is staggering – look at the Mustang horse and badge there! The headlights and taillights work, and they’ve rigged it to play horn and engine sounds.


Oh, and they call this the #Brickpony, because I guess everything gets a hashtag name now.


It’ll be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 1-4 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mustang Club of America, and then it’ll tour around a bit before ending up at Legoland in Florida, where it’ll replace the full-size Lego Ford Explorer that’s already there.


I’m not sure exactly what it is about colossal Lego sculptures that are so satisfying to look at, but they are. The details like the wipers and indicators and trim bits are really remarkable.


I’m hoping the next one they try will be drivable. On actual Lego tires.

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