Full Details On Ford Australia's Multi-Flavored FPV Falcon Lineup

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When Ford of Australia first announced their lineup of F6 FPV lineup we didn't pay too much attention to the various minor differences in the F6 Falcon lineup. Little did we know how far the Ford Performance Vehicle group was going to go in order to meet the needs of anyone with the cash to throw around $60,000+ USD on V8-powered goodness. Each vehicle in this range comes with the new 5.4-Liter Boss V8 good for 422 horsepower and 407 lb-ft of torque mated to a ZF six-speed auto transmission or TR6060 six-speed manual gearbox. The GT is your basic high-performance sedan while the GT P takes it a couple of steps further. The GT E is at the upper extreme, offering similar performance without all the boy racer styling and colors for the hoon with a briefcase. Press release below the jump.


F6 Ford Falcon Lineup

Ford Performance Vehicles Reveals New Model Range

Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) today publicly unveiled its new performance GT and F6 sedans at the Melbourne International Motor Show.

"This is the first chance for the public to get a close-up look at some of our new models, ahead of their release in June," said Ford Performance Vehicles General Manager Rod Barrett.

"Our new model range offers performance enthusiasts the ultimate in performance engineering, luxury appointments and sports styling."

For the first time, the Ford badge will not appear externally on an FPV model. The GT and F6 sedans on display both feature FPV badges prominently on the centre grille and centre boot lid, which is consistent with the entire new range.

"Featuring the FPV badge on all our new models is a major repositioning for the FPV brand," said Barrett.

"It signifies the maturing of our brand and the evolution of FPV as Ford�s performance partner."

As with Ford, FPV has repositioned its high performance sedan and Ute model variants, with eight stunning vehicles divided into the GT series and F6 series families.

"The repositioning of the vehicle line-up has been done for similar reasons to the Ford
G Series," said Barrett.

"It is all about growing the brand and attracting new customers. The GT series family continues our strong iconic heritage, while the F6 series family caters to a new segment of performance car enthusiasts who prefer a slick turbo charged six-cylinder to a thundering V8."

The GT series family retains the familiar GT and GT-P sedan nameplates, and introduces the stylish new luxury GT-E sedan.

The bold exterior styling of the new GT and GT-P is highlighted by the trademark unique front grille treatment, rear wing, side striping and V8 bonnet bulge accented with a newly designed hood decal.

Visually, the new GT-E is distinguished from its V8 siblings by its refined rear lip spoiler, chrome accenting and distinctive GT-E badging.

The GT-E's unique 19-inch alloy wheels are matched by a premium brake package, with six-piston Brembo brakes now featured as standard.

"The GT-E is a sophisticated luxury performance car that will cater for those buyers that don't want the stripes, wings, and seats offered in the GT-P, however, want to retain all the performance attributes of that car," said Barrett.

The Super Pursuit and Pursuit Ute variants complete the GT series range.

The F6 series family features the F6 and F6 Ute, the Typhoon and Tornado nomenclature are discontinued on the new vehicles.

Significant ride, handling and safety advancements have been made to the new FPV stable. Each new model variant has been fully engineered and designed to provide the performance enthusiast with the ultimate in Australian performance motoring.

Safety advances include the addition of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) on FPV sedan & Ute vehicles for the first time.

Significantly, FPV customers will also have a choice of manual or automatic transmissions at no additional cost in the sedan range.

"The option of automatic or manual transmissions in the sedan range at no extra cost caters for both our luxury and overt sports customers, without penalising either for their choice of transmission," said Barrett.

FPV has produced exhilarating performance upgrades across the GT and F6 range, however, the exact engine performance power and torque figures will be revealed closer to the on sale date in June.

"The unique FPV enhanced design gives each vehicle a bolder road presence," said Barrett.

"Coupled with performance upgrades, the new FPV range is a revolution in Australian performance motoring. I'm sure our loyal and passionate customers will be extremely impressed."

[Ford via World Car Fans]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

@TriShield: Fair crack of the whip mate, It's a bit early to be judging the G8's profitability.

Ford have been very tight lipped about the LHD engineering on this car, they say it's not been engineered for LHD but I remember reading a few years back that Ford were looking at ways to make this car US ready.

I speculate that like Holden, they like to keep these little projects out of site from, not the public but from their meddling parent company in the US.

So maybe there's a remote chance we might see a cackey handed Falcon over there in the land of milk and honey.

But what is for certain is that the next all new Mustang WILL be sharing the platform with our next Falcon. We just hope that Ford US don't fuck it by trying to engineer it themselves.