All of us love looking at cars, but have you ever stopped to wonder what's inside a car? What even makes them run, anyway? Is it a system of highly-trained squirrels who run on tiny treadmills that propel the car forwards and backwards?

Until now, that's what I thought, but thanks to this new Tumblr — Fuck Yeah Cutaways! — I now know exactly what's inside some of my favorite cars.


The proprietor of said Tumblr told me he's a longtime collector of cutaway images and has hundreds of them for cars, motorcycles and boats. He recently decided to put them together in one place, and will be uploading "tons more high-res pictures to waste time looking at."

We can certainly get behind that. There are definitely some Jalop-favorites in his collection, including the ones pictured here, the NSX, the Mercedes-Benz 190, and an Alfa-Romeo Sportiva. Click on over to his Tumblr to check out even more great cutaways.

And if you have a favorite cutaway of your own, feel free to paste it into the comments below!


Update: As some of you folks have pointed out, you can even more sexy car cutaways here and here as well. Have fun never getting work done again.

Photos credit Fuck Yeah Cutaways!