Frustrated Hellcat Driver Has 7 Rules For Not Embarrassing Yourself

I told you driving a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat wasn't easy! People act like all you have to do is mash the throttle for instant tire-melting American glory, and then they wonder how they end up in a ditch. Imagine that: a 707 horsepower, rear-drive car that's kind of tricky.


YouTube user bigtruckseriesreview is here to help. See, he's tired of Hellcat drivers looking like jackwagons in videos and probably on this very website; he's sick of seeing them lose to Teslas or Italian exotics or the police thanks to user error.

He's here with some rules Hellcat owners should follow to avoid embarrassment on the Internet. I've copied them below to save time, but you should definitely watch his (NSFW-ish due to language) video take on the situation, because it's hilarious.

Only use the red key
Use the shift-light system
You need wider rear tires
Do not race anything with AWD
Do not race anything with retracting spoilers
Do not race electric vehicles
Do not race any jet aircraft

I merely take issue with that last one. If I want to drag race a jet plane, it's my God-given right to do so as an American. That's in the Constitution somewhere. Or the Bible. Both, I think.

Hat tip to Road & Track!



I switched off at "liberal greener motherfuckers." What a raging mush-mouthed asshole.