Frozen Rush 2016: Extreme Car Control Or 900 Horsepower Button-Mashing?

The Red Bull Frozen Rush returned for 2016 this month, pitting a handful of maniacs against each other in 900 horsepower racing trucks on the ski slopes at the Sunday River. Funniest thing I’ve noticed about snow racing; it’s hard to tell the difference between crashing and driving.

Frozen Rush started up three years ago, and Red Bull has managed to keep convincing some of the country’s best desert racers to come back to New England in January and put some fresh dents in their vehicles.

Maybe the paycheck’s good. Maybe there’s just something extra awesome about putting all that power down to tires with spikes in them.


Red Bull TV has a full replay of the event on their site, but the coolest way to watch might be this clip that lets you toggle between four different angles on race winner and longtime Red Bull flag-flyer Bryce Menzies.

Those of you who own TVs will be able to watch this thing go down on your fancy big screen on NBC January 30, 1:30 p.m. EST as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

Until then, here’s a massive heap of highlights to watch while you put off shoveling! Some of you are still shoveling, right?

Stay frosty.


Images/videos via Red Bull

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Does it count as button mashing if you use your giant brass balls to keep the accelerator pinned the whole time?