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Frontier Airlines Pulls the Plug on Customer Service Phone Line

If you're flying Frontier to go home for the holidays, you better get ready to deal with a chatbot when something goes wrong.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A Frontier Airlines plane taxis out from a terminal.
Strap in, hold on and hope you don’t have a bad time because customer service is going to be a lot less convenient.
Photo: Frontier Airlines

Flying a budget airline like Spirit or Frontier usually sucks. Sure, you’re not paying a lot for your flight, but you’re also not having a great experience thanks to those companies’ creative cost-cutting measures. Naturally, bad experiences lead to a lot of complaints, but according to a report published on Saturday by NPR, Frontier isn’t trying to hear them.

Specifically, Frontier Airlines is ditching its customer service phone line. If you feel like calling and screaming at someone for an hour when your flight home from visiting family in Nebraska is canceled, you’ll have to scream into a pillow or at your significant other instead.


But what if you have a legitimate issue that needs actual human help to get a resolution? In those cases, you can try your luck with a chatbot on the Frontier website, use the airline’s 24/7 online chat feature, reach out on WhatsApp, or you can make like an entitled automotive journalist and attempt to put Frontier on blast on social media in hopes of getting help.

None of these solutions sound very appealing and are likely to cause even more frustration for already frustrated customers in frustrating situations, but unfortunately, if you have to pay bottom-of-the-barrel fares to get where you want to go, this is what you’re going to have to deal with.


Customers who try to contact the old service hotline will hear a pre-recorded message telling them about all the other ways to try to get satisfaction. If you’re not willing to deal with any of this but still have to fly cheaply, Spirit and Allegiant both operate customer service phone lines.

We reached out to Frontier for comment on this decision but didn’t hear back in time for publication.