Friend pumps $45K worth of diesel into Bam Margera's Lambo

Illustration for article titled Friend pumps $45K worth of diesel into Bam Margera's Lambo

A friend of Bam Margera's named "Cleveland" borrowed the Jackass co-star's Lamborghini Gallardo and put diesel fuel in the vehicle, causing an estimated $45,000 in damage. So far Margera's threatened to murder Cleveland on Twitter at least ten times.


Why you'd give someone named after the City of Cleveland a $250,000 car is beyond me. Also, why you'd take a Lamborghini Gallardo, paint it purple-on-purple, and then have custom Lambo doors put on it is also somewhat of a mystery.

I mean, if you do this to a car and your whole fame exists because you pull stunts to mess with people can't you appreciate the appropriateness of someone else being a jacakass?

Let's see, he wrote "Call a fucking lawyer before you die, I'm gonna kill you you fat fuck get out of my house and hide the sword causeyourgettingstabbedbyone!!" last night so, um, guess not. (Hat tip to m2m!)


wheels OF satan!

i call bullshit on that

diesel won't even run in a gasoline car

it might clog up the injectors or filters..

but the car won't even start... not enough "octane" for the "low " compression gas engine

so you cannot blow up the engine

now if you put GASOLINE in a DIESEL engine, then yes... kablooey...