French Grand Prix Going To Disneyland?

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It's no secret that F1 Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone is pulling the plug on the French Grand Prix's current location at the Magny Cours race track. One of the main reasons being the location was way out in the countryside, not an optimal location for international tourists. And as we all know, F1 has become all about makin' money. So the powers that be got to thinking "where do the tourists go?", and came up with— Disneyland. Yes, that's right, there are plans for the most elite form of motorsport in the world to organize a race at the happiest place on Earth in Europe.


Sadly, despite reportedly well advanced plans for a race at Disneyland Resort Paris, the current word on the street boulevard is that the project is short about $31 million in funding. Another fantastical French Grand Prix possibility would be a race actually in Paris, whereas the Disney resort is about a half-hour drive from the city. Of course, the most realistic possibility at this point seems to be simply dropping the French event off the calendar altogether. Though if we had our say (and unlimited funds) we'd like to see a F1 race at Circuit de la Sarthe, where they hold the 24 Hours of LeMans endurance race, or in and around The Louvre.



I consider Disney to be a member of corporate America's "Axis of Evil" (or pure evil as I usually refer to them), along with AOL and probably Comcast (feel free to add your own, everyone can play!). These companies contribute very little to society while having excessively uncompetitive and anti-consumer policies (After years of directly marketing to your kids, they now idolize Ariel and want the "Little Mermaid" DVD? Well screw you! It's gone back into the Disney vault so that we can artificially create demand!).

So, obviously, they're a perfect match for Bernie Ecclestone.