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French-Fried Gymkhana 3: Part 2 Debuts 9/14

Illustration for article titled French-Fried iGymkhana 3: Part 2/i Debuts 9/14

The DC Shoes/Monster World Rally Team high command stopped playing DiRT 2 long enough to confirm that the mysterious Craigslist post does indicate Gymkhana 3: Part 2 will debut next Tuesday and feature wall-to-wall, rubber vaporizing action. Their response below.


Dear Jalopnik,

You win! You caught us having a little marketing fun and deciphered the rather simple riddle. So yes, we will confirm that Gymkhana THREE Part 2 will be released next Tuesday, 9/14 and that filming did in fact take place in France. Now what we can't tell you is what exactly happened to those wheels, but what we will confirm is that Part 2 is full of tire shredding action.


The DC GYM3 crew.

You heard it hear first, folks. Ken Block's gone viva la France for the second installment of the third version of his Gykmahana series. This one, we're promised, won't be a music video... unless you consider high-revving Fiesta powerslides music. And we do.


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I refused to believe that a multi part hooning session starts with a crappy rap song and some head bobbing.

But I probably won't care about this, I'll be playing Halo Reach.