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French Artist Has A Fantastic Way To Turn Any Car Into A Ferrari

Illustration for article titled French Artist Has A Fantastic Way To Turn Any Car Into A Ferrari

There are Ferraris. Then there are fake Ferraris made from things like Toyotas and Pontiac Fieros. But here's a fake Ferrari made out of cardboard and being worn by a Citroen hatchback. This is a new level of awesome.


Artist Bendetto Bufalino actually has quite a history of making automotive-inspired pieces, including putting a Renault Clio on its roof to make a tree planter and utilizing a VW Golf as a ping pong table. He even turns bicycles into Yamaha motorcycles and you probably wouldn't notice the difference from a distance. But Bufalino's greatest piece of work would add excitement to anyone's commuter car and without compromising usability – much.

Designboom has pictures of this Ferrari Testarossa costume he designed for use on a Citroen. It fits like a glove, too. The suit fits right over the hatchback and it's totally drivable from what we can tell. And while some of the view out of the windows is compromised quite a bit, the visibility with the Ferrari hat on doesn't look any worse than it would be in an actual Ferrari.


Maybe keep this car costume in your back pocket for next year?

Hat tip to phenotyp!


Photo: Bendetto Bufalino

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