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French Artist Benedetto Bufalino Is Turning Old Cars Into Pizza Ovens

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Photo: DesignBoom

Usually when people think of modifying a car, it’s to make it more of a car. Y’know—some engine upgrades, better suspension, that kind of thing. But if you’re French artist Benedetto Bufalino, your idea of a modification would be a little different. More along the lines of “so what if I turn this car into a pizza oven”.


It’s not the first time he’s manipulated a car to do something that cars… normally just don’t do. In October 2017, he showed that cars could be lights, outdoor seating, and even a tennis court. Or, even before that, he turned cars into grills or jacuzzis. Or, there was that time he transformed a cop car into a chicken coop.

Which is weird. But it’s also pretty dang cool.

Now, Bufalino decided that a car should be a pizza oven (and yeah, you wanna click that link; the pictures of this bad boy are actually pretty neat). He cut out the windows of an old Ford Mondeo in exchange for metal panels and got rid of all the unnecessary stuff, like the steering wheel and the seats. You can’t just go lighting a fire in a car willy nilly, even without the interior, which is why Bufalino built a makeshift brick shelf that could sustain high heats, so that when logs are lit on fire inside, you don’t just have a big recipe for disaster.


It’s part of the French Cultural Art Association 2Angles, and it’s interested quite a few people who want to see what pizza cooked in a car tastes like. I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely want to try it out at least once.

The pizza oven car does leave a lot of questions unanswered, though. Like, what’s the ventilation system like? Or, is all the plastic removed from the car, too, or am I going to be munching on melted BPAs? And, don’t you usually need more wood to make a pizza oven work well?

I don’t think I’m going to be hiring Benedetto to cater a birthday party for me any time soon, mostly just because it’s slightly less cool that the car doesn’t function as a car anymore. But would I eat a car pizza just for the novelty of it? Yes. I absolutely would.

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I get it now, Ferrari started making Pizza ovens years ago and never told anyone.