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If you ever wanted to do build a badass off-road course, and then run it with the same vehicle, I think you've found your weapon of choice.

Hanging out right here on eBay,this special 1989 Unimog 419 was something of a collaborative project between Freightliner and Mercedes; with Merc providing the base and Freightliner adding the kit to create this "SEE Tractor" (Small Emplacement Excavator).

The front loader can lift .75 cubic yards of whatever weight up to 3,300 pounds 98″ off the ground, and detaches for off-roading or exceeding 40 MPH.

The CASE backhoe attachment on the rear can reach 17' and dig up to 14′ deep with a reach of over 17′. Auxiliary hydraulic lines can run whatever attachment tools you can think of.

The truck is powered by a Mercedes six-cylinder inline 346 diesel making 110 hp. A 16 speed transmission helps make the most out of that output.


Seller says the 'Mog will go 50 MPH, but should be limited to "35-40 MPH" with all the toys hanging off it. Tires are robust Michelin XL 12.5-20s.

Has anybody seen one of these things in action, or better yet used one to build something awesome?



Hat tip to Anthony Gregg! Images from eBay.