gif: WSB-TV/YouTube (screengrabs)

On Thursday, a freight train in Henry County, Georgia, split open a tractor trailer like a well-placed baseball bat to a Pikachu Piñata. The aftermath—buttermint candy littered all over the place—would make any kid ignore their parents’ warnings about playing on train tracks.

The truck driver luckily escaped from his rig before the crash. They apparently ignored warning signs, including one showing a cartoon truck bottoming out on the railroad crossing, and one with the text “Low Ground Clearance,” WSB-TV reports. For that, police plan to cite the trucker, whose trailer was smashed to bits, and whose load of candy crews had to spend hours cleaning up.

According to some nearby residents, trucks have gotten stuck on this crossing in Locust Grove before, the news site reports. Luckily, the trailer that got busted open on Thursday was filled with delicious candy, and not something disgusting like, say, eels. Eels are gross. Candy is not.