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Screenshot: Red Bull on YouTube

Swiss FMX champion Mat Rebeaud is clearly a massively talented rider. Team him up with an Alta Redshift electric dirt rider, a massive freestyle course on a cow farm, and a Red Bull videographer, and it’s a recipe for awesome. Peel it back to its most basic, and this video shows just how jarring it can be to see such incredible energy expended mostly silently. You can hear the cows, a nearby stream, the rip of gravel tires on dirt, but no exhaust note.

Red Bull’s RAW 100 series is meant to bring these extreme sports back to reality. It’s 100 seconds with no music and no slow-mos. It’s a great series that has typically featured human-powered bikes, but this time amps it up a notch with electric power.


It’s a bummer that Alta no longer exists, because this just proves how badass and capable an E-offroader can be.

RideApart calls the video a “low-intensity soundscape” which creates a “zen-like atmosphere” on the cusp of ASMR. I’m inclined to agree. Rebeaud clearly rips, but it feels way more relaxing to watch this than it would if the soundtrack was full of staccato braps. The silence is sensational.

I might have to watch this one again. Excuse me while I get zen.

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