Free Vape with Purchase of Ford Focus RS, Seriously

At some point or another, the vapers of America collectively decided that, in addition to hoarding Subaru WRXs, a Ford Focus RS would also be a suitable car to blow vape clouds out of. Prestman Auto, a clearly brilliant dealership in Salt Lake City, Utah, recognizes this fact. Having a used Focus RS for sale on the lot isn’t that unusual. But Prestman’s offer is. On the car’s listing, the dealer advertises a free vape with the car’s purchase.

After laughing hysterically, I messaged the dealer just to confirm.

“Yes, there is a vape included in the purchase of the RS. We have a vape store next to our dealership that the buyer can go to and pick out a vape,” a dealership rep wrote. “We did that because most of the potential buyers for that car come with ‘vape in hand.’”


First of all, lol once more. And second, how thoughtful! Many places charge for lifestyle accessories like that, but not here. Here, it’s included.

The car reportedly has 34,576 miles on the clock and its asking price is $25,900. It looks pretty clean from the photos, though it’s unclear if it’s been vaped in yet at this point. Probably has, if I’m being honest.

If you vape and you’re looking for a new car, why not kill two birds with one stone and check out the Focus RS? It’ll save you an extra trip to the vape store.


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Duke of Kent

I have so many questions.

  1. I see that the ad doesn’t specify “Free Vape With Purchase” but rather simply “Vape With Purchase”. Of course, “free” is to be implied, but is it possible that the dealer is adding the vape as an option/accessory on the purchase? Would they then get to finance the vape for 36 (or 48 or 72 or whatever) months? That’s devious!
  2. The dealership representative notes: “We did that because most of the potential buyers for that car come with ‘vape in hand.’” in which case, why would the customer need another one? Not being a vapist myself, I’m unfamiliar with the finer details. Are there different devices for different situations? Are there formal vapes for events like weddings, funerals, and court appearances while casual vapes are for everyday use? Are there sports vapes that go really fast and off-road vapes for camping? Does the typical vapist have a drawer full of the devices, or are they loyal to one specific vape?
  3. This dealer is also offering for sale a Bentley Continental and a Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet. What sort of interesting cross section of humanity represents their clientele?
  4. A few of their vehicles for sale — very few: about half a dozen of the 200+ I scrolled through before I got bored — like this CTS, proudly declare that the vehicle has a “Clean Title” with a nice red banner on the lead photo. What is to be inferred about the hundreds of others who don’t have red banners at all?