Frankfurt Auto Show: Audi RS6 Avant in White

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While we knew the Audi Audi RS6 Avant was coming, we had no idea Bryan Adams was going to belt out an acoustic rendition of Run to You after the cover was pulled on the V10 twin-turbo wagon. As the rest of the presentation was in German the details are still hazy. We do know the world needs more hopped up sportwagons now more than ever. An A4 and A8 were also kicking around coverless. Now with bonus gallery!

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Ill take one white, red, gray, black, and yellow ;) I'm an American, but the German in my ancestry comes out in both cars and the bedroom.

Serioulsy, "Run to you?" This car just screams, "Don't turn around, uh-oh-ohhh, Der Kommisar's in town, uh-oh-oh!"