France Is Offering Tesla An Old Nuclear Power Plant For Its European Factory

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Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk spoke of establishing a European manufacturing facility while attending a Tesla owners event in France. Well the people of France were listening, and it’s now reported that the government has offered the electric automaker a re-purposed nuclear power facility as a potential site for the future manufacturing center.


According to a report from LCP, via Electrek, Ségolène Royal, the Minister of Environment and Energy, has formerly offered an effort to re-purpose the Fessenheim nuclear power facility, which is located in the northeastern Alsace region of France, into Tesla’s new European manufacturing facility.

At the Tesla owner event earlier this year, Elon Musk offhandedly commented that Alsace, which features the nuclear facility next to the Rhine river and borders Switzerland and Germany, would be a fitting location geographically for the automaker’s European factory.

Now both the French government and the people of Alsace are hoping to make the deal a reality.

The Fessenheim nuclear plant will begin its shut down procedure this year, and the government hopes that a deal with Tesla to re-purpose the power plant’s facilities, though quite challenging, will allow the misplaced workers to stay employed and bring economic growth to the region.

The people are so excited they edited together a short video advertising the potential Tesla site featuring a disembodied Elon Musk echoing his reasoning behind his endeavors:

On bringing Tesla to Alsace by re-purposing the nuclear site, Minster Royal said:

“It would be great, because we announce the closure of Fessenheim” and “there is something that is built, turn a page and then looks at the future,” she said, stressing that “in Moreover, electric cars, it is the industry of the future.”


The region officials are set to meet with representatives from the automaker later this month where they hope to work out a deal for compensation for the closure of the power facility with EDF Energy while simultaneously providing an attractive offer to Tesla.

Meanwhile, Musk’s pinboard for world domination gets a new tack.

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