FPS Russia's Manager Found Dead; Police Suspect Homicide

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The body of a man found dead on Hayes Road in Carnesville, Georgia, was identified by law enforcement officials as belonging to 32-year-old Keith Ratliff, the weapons manager of YouTube's third most popular channel, FPSRussia.


FPSRussia team member Kitty Wandel confirmed the news on Twitter, saying Ratliff, a "firearms marketing consultant" from Kentucky, was involved in "everything from pulling pranks to finding almost impossible weapons to use in videos."

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said Ratliff appears to have died of a single gunshot to the head, and it was treating his death as a homicide. Investigators also noted that several firearms were found in the vicinity of the body, and it seems he had been deceased for some time before officials were alerted by a 911 call to his whereabouts.

In addition to his involvement with FPSRussia, Ratliff also owned a company called FPS Industries, which specialized in "custom weaponry and weapon technologies." Per its Facebook page, FPS Industries is located on Hayes Road.

[tweet via @keithratliff]