Two of Jalopnik's best took a trip to Pep Boys on Friday and found a number of horrible, horrible ways to customize your car. Here's four of the worst.

26" Bling Logo
Ah yes, a 26" bling logo, which looks great on a car with 16-inch wheels. Even better, this two-pack from "CrystalRimz" will act like a beacon, calling thieves to your automobile. Wert tells us Krewson wanted to wear it as a belt buckle to enhance or promote other items.

Maxi Scoop
Nothing says performance like a fake hood scoop named after a female hygiene product. The faux scoop is so bad it's even placed incorrectly on the car in the packaging.


Performance Seat Cover
Good tuning jobs seek to lower weight. A place where most PepBoys tuners fall down on the job. Rather than wasting money for well-bolstered, light racing seats, Pep Boys would like you to cover your seats with performance. Either this thing turns your farts into extra HP or its slippery surface is going to launch you off at the next turn.

Four Piece Tuner Combo Kit
You could buy the three other pieces of crap already mentioned, or you can save time by purchasing this "four piece tuner combo kit." Seriously, one box and you're covered: valve stem covers, keychain cover, shift-knob cover and, of course, pedal covers. There are three pedals so, don't forget, it's only for "manual transmission vehicles."