Four-Door Porsche Panamera Spotted In San Francisco

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We saw a fake p-shop of the Porsche Panamera the other day (again), the official mini-site's live and we've even seen a teaser shot straight from Porsche. But now, what we've got here is a failure on Porsche's part to communicate to their engineers the need to strap on some camouflage. Thus, here's some of the clearest shots we've yet seen of the four-door super sedan from the German automaker. The Panamera was spotted by Flickr user Hysterical Bertha prowling the streets of Russian Hill, looking for potential customers among the affluent residents of the tony San Francisco neighborhood with some very crooked streets. Yup, it's definitely the Panamera — it even looks like the concept sketch. Well, except for the fact the sketch seemed to indicate the Panamera was made out of pencil lead. Our older spy photos of the new four-door "Bruce" below the jump. (Hat tip to Cord!)

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Wow, an overwhelming thumbs down on this car so far. The Jalops have spoken, and they are not happy.

Well, once again, I will break from the ranks. There are a number of people that would love to own a Porsche, but can't justify having a plaything on the side. And this is one reason why the Cayenne has been a huge success. It's a Porsche that you can drive in the rain, in the snow, with at least 4 real passengers, something you just can't do in a 930, 911, Cayman, or any other Porsche (well, except maybe the old 928, and even the back seats are really uncomfortable for any distance).

Now is the time for Porsche to take the executive market by storm with this car. Look at the rest of the Executive class market, shall we? Maserati has found significant success with the re-introduction of the Quattroporte. Aston Martin is about to introduce the Rapide. All the other German Luxury Makers have blistering fast 4 Door Secans (and Wagons) including Mercedes fetching CLK.

Yes a 4 Door Porsche is controversial, but so wasn't a Porsche SUV, and this helped Porsche develop and maintain it's core enthusiast product to a point of near excellence. If they didn't reap the rewards that the Cayenne gave them, their other products would wither on the vine, without any upgrades or improvements.

So give the Panamera a break. It will look odd, but designs that start looking odd sometimes grow on the public.