We saw a fake p-shop of the Porsche Panamera the other day (again), the official mini-site's live and we've even seen a teaser shot straight from Porsche. But now, what we've got here is a failure on Porsche's part to communicate to their engineers the need to strap on some camouflage. Thus, here's some of the clearest shots we've yet seen of the four-door super sedan from the German automaker. The Panamera was spotted by Flickr user Hysterical Bertha prowling the streets of Russian Hill, looking for potential customers among the affluent residents of the tony San Francisco neighborhood with some very crooked streets. Yup, it's definitely the Panamera — it even looks like the concept sketch. Well, except for the fact the sketch seemed to indicate the Panamera was made out of pencil lead. Our older spy photos of the new four-door "Bruce" below the jump. (Hat tip to Cord!)


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