Forzalopnik: Round Two, Group III

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This is it — the final vote of the semifinals, the second-to-last poll, and the tail end of the Jalopnik Forza Motorsport 3 Downloadable Car Pack vote. Want to make a difference? Save the Saab 99 Turbo!


This is poll number nine, the third poll to include the Commenter Golden Ticket, and the last poll of the semifinals. This is also the last poll of the day. The ten winners from this vote will be combined into one end-all Monster Final Poll tomorrow. The basic instructions can be found below. If you just want to get down to business and vote, jump to the bottom of the page.


Here's how this works:

1. If you want a specific car to win, you need to get others to vote for it. We won't be pushing the poll anywhere else but here. If you want your car to win, find people to vote for it yourself, OK?

2. Voting will take place Monday, January 25th through Thursday, January 28th. The results, along with an extra car chosen by the Jalopnik staff, will be revealed on Friday, January 29th. The car pack itself will be released this summer.

3. In order to provide the greatest possible choice, we began with a list of 120 vehicles. For logistical reasons, it was broken down into twelve groups of ten cars each. Voting takes place in a tournament-like stagger: Monday and Tuesday consisted of three twenty-car votes, with each vote paring twenty cars down to ten. The winners from those polls are in today's semifinals, and today's winners will hit the final vote tomorrow. Each poll closes at midnight on the day of the vote.


4. If you skipped down to the bottom and were too lazy/distracted/caffienated to read any of the above, this is all you need to know: Today is the penultimate day of polling. The five Commenter Golden Ticket cars in each poll have been yanked back from the fiery depths and given a second chance. Go to the poll below. Pick ten cars. On Friday, we'll do the math and tell you what's what, ending with a list of fifteen cars.

Click on the gallery below to see and read about the last set of semifinal cars.

Commenter Golden Ticket Cars

Disclaimer: Cars pictured are for reference purposes only; appearance and specification of vehicles scanned for game usage may vary. Looking at the gallery will not give you an epileptic seizure. Probably. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Well, if a woodchuck could chuck wood, and a woodchuck would chuck wood, then he'd probably go stand in the woods in sub-freezing temperatures for two days. This is why I'm taking Friday off. Given that I currently do not own a pair of gloves or a decent parka/team of sled dogs, I should probably just stay in bed. Starting to twitch. Need more coffee.


NOTE: THIS POLL IS CLOSED. For the latest updates and polls, please visit Jalopnik's Forza tag. Thanks!

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I'll do the same here as post II for those who don't have the game:

- for the 240SX, there are THREE Silvias in the game, they really aren't that different, Forza lets you do crazy engine swaps anyways. Sorry, Golden Ticket or no this one goes. Besides, GT4 and GT5 have plenty of variations of basically the same car.

-Ferrari 250 GT, the 250 GTO is already there, we only get 10, don't waste a vote

-The 69 Dodge Charger is already there, the 70 Cuda is too close, get something different.

-The Mangusta is much more Jalop than the Pantera, vote for it!

-The 73 Trans-Am SD-455 is already in the game, so just paint that black and play out your Bandit fantasy. don't need the 77 TA too.

-The CR-X is already represented by the 91 CR-X SiR, don't need 2 CR-Xs!

- Toyota Celica, cool car, but if you want Toyotas go play GT1-GT5

-Ford Probe?, Really?!?

-I like all 3 BMWs, but the Z3 M Coupe must stay! []