Forza Motorsport 4 Inks Deal For Porsche Expansion Pack

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Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios and Electronic Arts have finally buried the hatchet to give car guys the Porsches they want to drive in Forza Motorsport 4.


Available this Spring, they'll drop the Porsche Expansion Pack for "Forza Motorsport 4" that will contain 30 modern and classic Porsche vehicles from the German manufacturer, seven of which are new to the "Forza" franchise.

As of right now the only vehicles we can absolutely confirm are the 2010 Porsche Sport Classic and the 2010 Boxster S. Dan Greenawalt, creative director for the Forza franchise, told us on Friday the 30 vehicles would mix "both old and new, just as you've seen in all of our car packs."

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But that's not the only news out of Turn 10 Studios today for the Forza franchise. They're also announcing a new Forza game — but it's not Forza Motorsport 5. Nope, instead, it'll be called "Forza Horizon" and it won't even be made by Turn 10 Studios. Instead it'll be built by a new studio called Playground Games (Greenawalt tells us it's made up of a slew of folks from other studios involved with other racing games like Colin McRae).


So what is this new game? Turn 10 PR tells us that:

"Forza Horizon" is a fast-paced, pick-up-and-play racing game and the newest entry in the "Forza Motorsport" franchise. Available this Fall, the game is being created in partnership with acclaimed racing development studio Playground Games.

Other than that, we have no idea what the game is all about — and after watching the following trailer we're left with even more questions without answers.


Go ahead and see for yourself — I bet you'll be just as stumped as I am.


Turbolence1988 Loves Magic Turn Circles

I paid $80 for the limited edition of the game, which got me a bonus car pack and a retailer-specific bonus car. As it stands right now I'm about $30 to $40 behind on DLC to make my experience "complete." They announced that now all the retailer-specific bonus cars are additional paid DLC. Track packs are supposedly coming. And now there's this. The Porsche license! Excellent! A car pack that just might be worth picking up!

Wait, it's $20? For 23 carryover, untouched models ripped from Forza 3 and 7 new ones?

I thought Forza 3 was pushing it with their DLC packs but this is where I draw the line. And not for nothing but with another Forza on the way (even if it is, technically, a spin off game) I have serious doubts about the ongoing DLC and support cycles of Forza 4. They dropped the last game like a hot potato after promising a year's worth of car packs and stopping after six months. I'm done paying into this.

Besides, with a G25 setup I'm rather enjoying the multitude of PC driving simulators available. I highly recommend Live For Speed if you haven't tried it yet; the demo is free and includes unlimited online play.