Forza 6 is one of the greatest racing video games of our time and Fallout 4 is the hottest open-world role-playing game in the business. Combine the two and you end up with awesomeness. That’s our kind of synergy!


Makers of Forza announced a few weeks ago two new Fallout 4-themed vehicles making their way to your game of Forza 6 on Xbox One. A 1956 Ford F100 with Fallout 4 livery was sent to players on the fourth of November.

There’s also a “Chryslus Rocket 69” coupe available for Fallout 4 players. We don’t know when that’s coming out, but here are some pics of the Chryslus and the Ford:


Here’s a video of the janky post-apocalyptic F100 getting its Forza on.

Update: Woops, this Forza-themed truck is a bit older than we thought. But still awesome.


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