Formula One's Max Verstappen Is Thirsty As Hell For Nico Rosberg's Old Job

Photo credit: Mark Thompson/Getty Images; Screencap via Max Verstappen

Who wants a ride at the Formula One team that’s absolutely steamrolled their competition for the past few years? Shortly after Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg announced his surprise retirement from the sport, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen showed up to the party as thirsty as a man who’d just hiked across Abu Dhabi.


We know that Formula One teams and personalities often joke around quite a lot on Twitter—and this is on a thread making light of the situation with easily spoofed calls and screencaps of gag phone calls and emails flying around after Nico’s departure—but man, that’s some thirst.

Whoever runs Mercedes’ Twitter account feels the thirst, and feeds it brilliantly.

[H/T Kurt!]

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