Formula One's 'Luther' Problem

Have you seen the British police procedural 'Luther' on the BBC? Idris Elba, who stars, is great. Ruth Wilson, who tags along as the charmingly sociopathic Alice Morgan, is a delight. It has some of the best production value of any BBC show. Yet, if I'm being totally honest, it's not that great.


'Luther' is both extremely watchable and entirely unsatisfying at the same time. Imagine eating PopRocks. Now imagine being forced to eat nothing but PopRocks. Lots of sensation, not much to fill you up. I think it has something to do with the SVU/Criminal Mind-style episodic serial killer garbage mixed into an otherwise smart premise. But Idris — our could-be Black Bond — Makes it all worth it.

There's nothing but drama in F1 lately, complaints about it not being good anymore, abut bad decision making. The parade courses. The no passing. The roman candle tires. Yet, for whatever problems, it's so watchable. Maybe Jaybe_III has a solution to their turbocharging sound issues?


If F1 teams want to work on making turbo charged, more efficient engines, why don't they just make turbo V10's? Look, F1 is not going to single handedly stop any oil shortages, it's not even going to make a drop in the bucket.

Why not just take the biggest, most ridiculous engines, and try to make them as efficient as possible? Wouldn't that help future tech a significant amount more than working on a smaller engine?

Then everyone wins! F1 can point to better fuel efficiency, we get that wonderful sound, F1 drivers get to nearly blow themselves up on a weekly basis, and have more power than they have any idea what to do with. Actually, that sounds a little like what they were trying with Luther.

Check out the good contributions from other commenters in that thread.

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Congratulations, Mr. Jaybe_III, on today's COTD! I would like to gift you with an F1 which this lovely lady will deliver to you along with some maple syrup.