Formula One To Mandate Halo-Style Head Protection For 2017

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Formula One technical chiefs have selected the “halo” concept to implement in 2017, per the BBC. The halo, along with the “aeroscreen” device suggested by Red Bull, is meant to improve driver head protection in the car. Ultimately, the halo was selected as it was believed to be the more ready of the two options.

The aeroscreen will remain in development for a possible 2018 release date, however, the BBC reports that its recent poor performance in testing convinced F1 heads that it needed to be tabled until later. Concerns regarding visibility still need to be resolved as well.


However, many favored the cleaner aesthetics of the aeroscreen over the halo as well as the additional protection from having a full windscreen.

The halo we’ll see in 2017, however, should be a cleaner design than the flip flop top Ferrari tested at Spain earlier this year. Made of titanium, the revised halo should include a smaller central hub where the sides intersect the two arms.

From here, the halo idea must be approved by Formula One’s higher-ups, starting with the strategy group of teams, then working its way up to the FIA and Formula One’s commercial head Bernie Ecclestone, per the BBC. This is not expected to be much of a hold-up, however, as all parties agree that increasing driver head protection is a must.

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