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Formula One Fans Drank $2.8 Million Worth Of Liquor In Austin

Illustration for article titled Formula One Fans Drank $2.8 Million Worth Of Liquor In Austin

November's Formula One race at Austin's brand new Circuit of the Americas was a success from nearly every perspective. While some of the facilities weren't totally complete and the track was slick, the circuit ended up with praise from drivers, teams, and the 117,000-plus fans that attended.


But the most praise should go to the liquor vendors. The Circuit of the Americas sold more alcohol in November than anywhere in Texas. Way to go F1 fans!


COTA's liquor sales totalled a staggering $2.8 million for the month of November when the race was held. That's seven times more alcohol — dollar wise — than the place that came in second. What's even more amazing is that COTA was basically only open for three or four days of the month with large crowds not arriving until Saturday and Sunday.

I can't say I'm totally surprised though. Liquor at the track was incredibly expensive. A large domestic beer sold for the bargain basement price of $11. That's how much beer costs in strip clubs... I mean, that's how much I IMAGINE beer costs in strip clubs.

Still, kudos to COTA. The increased revenue brought Austin's total liquor sales up 23 percent compared to November 2011. And it proved that you don't have to be NASCAR fan to drink a lot while watching a race, although more wine and martinis were probably ordered at the F1 race than at Daytona.

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(Hat Tip to Patrick!)

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Cocksuckers won't let you bring your own beer though. Indy doesn't hassle a brother like that.

Say no to tracks that don't allow coolers!