Formula One Drivers Embrace Ecclestone's 'Windbags' Diss

Earlier this month, Formula One troll-king Bernie Ecclestone referred to the drivers as “windbags” in the assorted bile he spewed about their desire to move away from the unpopular elimination qualifying format. A tweet from Mercedes F1 driver Nico Rosberg seems to indicate that they’ve embraced their new title.


According to ESPN, Rosberg posted the snap from a dinner gathering of 18 drivers, who were presumably restocking their bags of wind. What use is it being a windbag if you can’t crop-dust the head of the sport?

Ecclestone accused the “windbags” of only going along with what their teams want when the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association called out F1 for being a poorly managed hot mess—as if they’re not a bunch of grown men who can form their own opinions on things that suck.

Needless to say, Ecclestone was a bit raw about that letter, so he fired back about how the drivers themselves have no power anyway. As quoted by

They can say what they like. This is the whole thing. They cannot do anything. They have an opinion and everyone has got an opinion.

It is really their discussion with their team; and the team has got a voice. They are only saying what the teams have told them to say.

I think the windbags got the last laugh for now on this one, given that the sport’s management finally listened to their concerns and set qualifying back to normal for this weekend’s race. How about we listen to the dudes who actually drive the cars more often? The windbags are often pretty smart.

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That’s how I pictured them looking at Bernie’s funeral.