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Formula One Car Improved By Giant Image Of Lewis Hamilton On Its Side

Photo credit: Andre Penner/AP Images
Photo credit: Andre Penner/AP Images

Formula One has been slowly trying to make it easier for fans to tell its cars apart, mandating easy to see name abbreviations and bigger numbers. However, you still kind of have to squint to see those at speed. Clearly, what F1 needs are giant pictures of the driver on the side, because that actually kind of rules.


Newly-crowned four-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton was presented with a replica of his car painted by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra at an event held by sponsor Petronas, F1i reports. Hamilton gave the gift back to the Ayrton Senna Institute along with one of his helmets.


Hamilton, who wears a Senna-inspired yellow helmet, has always been a huge fan of Senna. The Ayrton Senna Institute gave Hamilton one of Senna’s helmets this July, so it only seemed right for Hamilton to return the favor with one of his own.

But holy crap, this livery actually kind of rules. Sure, it looks a bit like Formula One’s version of the Talladega Nights “Me” car, but it’s so much cooler than F1's usual liveries that I think the sport should embrace it.

Put drivers in their various iconic poses on all the cars in a race. It’s not like you’d be at a loss for inspiration. Sebastian Vettel could be depicted waving his “FIRST!” finger. Daniel Ricciardo would obviously be painted doing a shoey. Fernando Alonso’s #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe lawn chair could make yet another appearance. I suppose Max Verstappen walking despondently away from a crash or failure could be immortalized on a livery, too, as we’ve seen that way too much this year.

We’re all about the drivers, F1. Put the drivers on the cars they’re driving. Also, maybe work a cougar onto the nosecone just for good measure. Cougars are fierce.

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Wait F1 cars still have numbers? Where? All I see are logos.