Formula E Is Working on an Electric SUV Series to Race in the Arctic: Report

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In an effort to show the world how Tough™ and Capable™ electric vehicles are despite production ones overheating on track after a couple of hot laps, reports are that electric open-wheel series Formula E wants to make a new electric SUV series—one that goes by “Extreme E” and races in mountains and the Arctic.

“Extreme E.” That sounds like more of a name for an electric monster-truck show than anything else, but maybe it could be cool. (Cue: low voice booming the words “EXTREEEEEME” ... “E” over an intercom while a bunch of giant trucks that sound like wind-up toys charge into a stadium).

But that isn’t the idea, since reports that the series is meant to race on a bunch of extreme terrain like the Himalayan mountains and the Arctic.


It sounds miserable for live spectating and great for TV, but then again, even the best spectator sports are that way anymore. It takes determination to go sweat, negotiate traffic or sit in the rain when there’s an HD television at home. didn’t have many details, and only said the goal is to launch the series by 2020. That’s probably a loose goal, considering Formula E’s planned self-driving series has been “expected in a few years” for a few years now. The SUVs are supposed to be a mostly spec series with manufacturer entries, with a set chassis specification and SUVs meant to look like road-going ones.



The project will be led by 2003 Indianapolis 500 winner and recently-appointed McLaren Formula 1 sporting director Gil de Ferran and is supported by FE CEO and founder Alejandro Agag.

“Extreme E – all I can say is that it’s a new project that will be operated by Formula E,” Agag told

“Formula E will take over the operation of that new project – the new project is still in very early stages.

“But hopefully Gil de Ferran, who is leading the project, will do an announcement soon with more details. But that’s all I can say.”


Even with just a few details, this seems like a decent idea. Add some jumps and flaming hoops into the mix, and let’s get this thing going.