Formula E Car Beats Cheetah, Though It Was Close For A Bit

Formula E recently set up a race between one of its drivers, the Frenchman Jean-Eric Vergne, and a cheetah. The race took place a landing strip in South Africa. I’m here to report that the cheetah lost.

Cheetahs, as you probably know, are the world’s fastest land mammals, capable of reaching speeds of up to 70 mph. A Formula E car, which is a machine built by humans, is capable of a top speed of about 139 mph. The cheetah, though, has much better acceleration, besting the Formula E for a bit in the beginning, before finally being overtaken.

Cheetahs are highly vulnerable to climate change, a point which the video touches on. “No animals were abused or mistreated during the filming of this production,” the video says at the end, except for, increasingly, almost all the time, by all of us.

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Sorry, but the cheetah is a lot more impressive than the car, hands down. The cheetah can’t be much larger than the human in the car, and I have to believe that its diet is much less calorically dense than the fossil fuel burned by the vehicle. And still, it got the holeshot on the Formula 1 car and kept it tight until the bitter end.