Former Stig Ben Collins Explains The Drift Mode In The Ford Focus RS

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The 2016 Focus RS is almost at a Ford dealership near you, so it’s time to learn how to push this 350hp all-wheel drive hatchback into ‘controlled oversteer drifts’, with stunt driver and friend of the BBC Ben Collins himself.

You know how modern cars have ‘Sport’ buttons that don’t do anything apart from revving your engine like an idiot the whole time? Well, the Focus RS has none of that crap. Instead, its computers will let you choose between four driving modes, one of which is for drifting.


If you switch to ‘Sport’ from ‘Normal’, the RS leaves its dampers and the ESC alone while the all-wheel drive system, the steering, the engine and the exhaust sharpens up to give you more response and noise.

If you go to ‘Track’, everything gets turned to the maximum, but for those picture perfect drifts, the car puts the dampers and the steering back to their softest setting, while the AWD switches to ‘Drift’.


Let our favorite former Stig demonstrate all that:

Empty Tesco parking lots around the world, prepare for what’s inevitable.

Photo credit: Ford


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