Forgotten stash of project cars goes up for auction

For some reason Nebraska is the place to be this July if you are in the market for a project car. We told you last month about the 200 car junkyard being auctioned July 17 in Maxwell, Nebraska. While browsing Hemmings this past week we came across another 150 car auction of one man's project cars that will be sold July 30 in Bennington, Nebraska.

Although the only pictures included with the listing are the ones shown here, according the auction company over 150 project cars will be offered for sale. The diverse selection of vehicles range in age from the mid 1900s well into the 1980s. Among the most intriguing of the "barn find" condition vehicles that will be sold are a '53 Packard Carribean, '12 R.E.O. Speedwagon, '55 Corvette, several Model A Fords and a '55 T-Bird.


If the prospect of a junkyard full of project cars for the taking wasn't enough to motivate you to make the journey to Nebraska, how about another auction full of old iron in need of some love and attention just two weeks later? Although we are still a little too far away to make the trip, we sincerely hope enough collectors make it out to this auction to ensure old and restorable project cars don't fall into the hands of scrappers.

[AuctionSolutions via Hemmings]


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