Forgotten Mercury of the Day: 1974 Comet GT

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For today's Forgotten Mercury, let's look at one that maybe shouldn't have been forgotten: the Comet GT. Like so many Mercuries, the Comet was a hasty badge-engineering exercise performed on various Fords; first the Falcon, then the Torino, and finally the Maverick. The first-generation Comet gets some coolness points for being the car Bukowski owned when writing Post Office, but let's not overlook the Malaise Era third-gen Comet. Specifically, the Comet GT. The GT package got you pretty much the same thing you got on the Maverick Grabber (i.e., hood scoop, tape stripes), only the hood scoop had more muscle-carness and less nostrilism than the Grabber. With a 302 and a floor-shift three-speed (sorry, Californians, automatics only), the '71-'75 Comet GT looked pretty good and was somewhat quick. And that's enough.

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