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Forget The VTEC, You Want Viper Power In Your S2000

Illustration for article titled Forget The VTEC, You Want Viper Power In Your S2000

The great Carroll Shelby used a very simple formula to make the Cobra one of the fastest roadsters of its day...take a big engine, cram it into a small car. The Honda S2000 is one of the best handling cars to come from Japan, so I'm not sure how a Viper V10 improves the balance, but I like it.


According to the ad on Craigslist, the owner has had this car for 10 years and is ready to move on to another project. Which I can only assume is putting a 6.4 Hemi V8 into a BMW Z3. The 505 horsepower V10 comes from a 2006 Viper SRT and only has 14k miles. The owner claims the car is "very fast," I would take his word for it.


The car does come with hood but he doesn't drive with it on...because that would take away from the- "Hey, I got a fucking Viper engine in my Honda" effect. This S200o has had a few other upgrades including the clutch, drive-shaft, brakes, suspension, fuel system and other modifications to prevent the motor from disintegrating the chassis.

He is asking a firm $27,000 but is willing to take trades. That is a lot of cash for an S2000, but if you want something, unique, fast, and enjoy shitting your pants this could be the car for you.

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This car is crazy. However, serious question here. At what point would modifying a car negate it's name? For example, this S2000. Can you still call it an S2000 if is has a Viper engine in it or if you also swapped out its gearbox, and other major elements for upgraded parts. Essentially, all you're left with is the shell of a S2000. Thoughts?