Forget The Maybach, The 600 Is The Ultimate Mercedes-Benz

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Jay Leno, a man who owns every car in the known universe says that the Mercedez-Benz 600 is his favorite car. He has one of the largest and most diverse car collections in the world, so when he says one is his favorite, you'd be wise to listen up.


The 600 was the result of giving the best German engineers an unlimited budget to make the greatest luxury car in the world. It had a 6.3-liter V8 and a highly complex hydraulic system, and a supple pneumatic suspension.

300 PSI of hydraulic fluid flowed through the car and controlled things like opening/closing the windows, the trunk, and the seats. It's a fascinating system and an absolute bitch to fix if anything goes wrong. Need a replacement window switch? That'll be $11,500. Break the hydraulic trunk? $12k.

Leno's car is the ultimate 600 for a number of reasons. First reason is that he bought it from 600 expert Karl Middelhauve, who has made El-Camino'd 600s. Second reason is that this 600 has a supercharger which boosts engine output to 525 hp. Third reason is because it's very Brown, the ultimate color of luxury.

It's a rather stunning vehicle with all kinds of neat details that distinguish it from other more plebeian cars. I love how silently it glides down the road, more like an electric car rather than a sedan with a hulking 6.3 liter V8. The only fault Leno has with it is the A/C which isn't quite as good as a Cadillacs.

No wonder it was the ride of choice for many dictators, John Lennon, and the Pope.

Top Photo Credit: Jay Leno's Garage


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