Forget RS And Type R, TVR Had The Coolest Performance Package Ever

There are lots of performance package names out there. RS, Type R, GT3 R, and even the excellent Spec c Type RA-R. But none compare to the name TVR gave its top performance package: Red Rose.

Red Rose! It is so normal that it crosses over into sinister.


It showed up on later TVR Cerberas with the 4.5 liter engine, pictured above. You got a new intake, new exhaust ports, new injectors, and a new ECU map.

The new map was the best part. There was still the regular ECU map for standard recommended 95 RON gas, but there was a second map for higher octane 97 RON fuel.

To enable this second map, the driver pressed an umarked button on the dash.

This was some James Bond, deploy the active speed mode shit. Forget a sport mode. I want a high octane fuel button.


TVR claimed the Red Rose package rose their TVR-built 4.5 liter V8 engine from 420 to 440 horsepower. If you are currently wondering how that sounds, here you go. It is very good:

No other RS whatnot package will ever sound as cool.

(Hat tip to 472CID!)


Photo Credits: TVR

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