Ford's S-Max Takes Car of the Year, Somewhere Else

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Sadly, Ford's Bold Moves(TM) don't involve bringing the S-Max MPV to the states. And that's a gol darn shame, considering the newest of Ford Europe's "kinetic design" structures was just awarded "Car of the Year 2007" by a panel of 58 of the continent's sexiest automotive journalists. In addition to being an attractive take on the one-box, seven-seat, utility wagon segment, the S-Max was also called out for its safety performance (i.e., NCAP gave it five stars for adult occupant protection) and features (e.g., adaptive cruise control, active suspension and automatic collision avoidance). No doubt Euro Ford's becoming the company's standout division, but can its design and technology influence trickle Westward to Detroit? Full stop.

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Rabbi Dave

I think until now no one here would pay the extra $ that the Europeans have been paying because of the low cost of japanese imports in the U.S. Now that using the Euro designs and parts will help with costs for the American companies like GM taking the Opel stuff, I think we will see better American, American cars. Ford's just taking longer to figure it out. Saturn beat us over the head about how its going to help GM if they do it right. Badge engineering when you never see the other badge on US streets isn't quite as bad I guess.