Ford's New 3-Cylinder Fiesta ST Deserves To Be An RS

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With a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged engine producing nearly 200 horsepower, launch control, a trick new rear suspension design, sticky tires, and a 2500 pound curb weight, this isn’t just a good hot hatch, it’s among the best of all time. The newest update of Ford’s Fiesta ST is significantly improved, and finally offers a proper Quaife limited slip differential, to boot. This new model is a little larger, a little safer, and the interior is more upmarket, providing a whole lot of bang for the buck. As per usual, Henry Catchpole’s Carfection review of the car is well worth the watch.

The last Fiesta ST was an awesome little car, so to improve it so much with this new chassis likely took a lot of engineering work, and Ford deserves credit for that. They listened to customers and improved the little hot hatch with simple things. For example, the new car’s front seats sit a little lower than the extra-tall seats of the outgoing model. A nicer upmarket interior is a welcome addition, including an optional premium audio system from Bang & Olufsen. Improved steering is described by Catchpole as being nearly Ferrari quick. All good things.

We’re still bummed that this car isn’t available in the US, and won’t be for the foreseeable future. Ford’s joyful little hatch is ready to rumble, and gets way better fuel economy, as it even has cylinder-deactivation tech allowing the car to cruise on just two cylinders. Perhaps my favorite feature of the quasi-RS Fiesta ST is its ability to corner on three wheels, as all truly hot hatches should.