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Ford uses Child Labor to Design Cars

Illustration for article titled Ford uses Child Labor to Design Cars

As established vehicle designers grow more and more famous, the salaries they charge sky rocket. In an effort to reduce these costs, Ford is taking the revolutionary step of outsourcing design for future vehicles to an organization known for imprisoning children and sapping their creativity. Speaking to the New York Times about the program he helped create, Moray Callum said, "The kids are at an age when they are very creative and not overburdened by engineering and business." Ford tasked the kids with designing a future green vehicle. They've come up with ideas such as fuel-cell, solar, wind power hybrids, recyclable interiors and vehicles with as many as five TV screens and massaging seats. Ford has not yet announced how they plan to integrate these new designs into their future production plans, nor how many cookies the children will receive for their participation. The NSPCC was unavailable for comment. [Via The New York Times]
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Forcing kids to design green vehicles? Do they want our future to become more snobby Prius-driving wimps who get beat up every day for their lunch money? We need those little bastards to draw machine guns and Can-Am racers like real children (or like me and draw nothing but wedges, because hey, it worked for Giugiaro, didn't it?). Get James May to run this program instead.