Yep. You read that right. And that other tagline sure is appropriate — you really do gotta see this. I mean, how often does one car company unveil another car company? That's pretty rare. Seriously, are they trolling us? Do they use chimps to run their chyron machines?

This is coming hot on the tail of an earlier chyron-related facepalm involving the very name of our beloved site here. In that post, a commenter linked to one of our eagle-eyed Opponauts, who shot this picture of their television, which displayed this glorious tribute to man's unending ability to not give a single, solitary fuck. I believe the station is Cleveland's Newsnet 5 ABC affiliate.


I get that not everybody is into cars, but holy shit, come on! It's not like this caption was talking about some impenetrable technical detail; it was just [Company] unveils new [car]. That's it! Is 'Lamborghini' thought of as some sort of generic term for supercar, like Kleenex is for tissue? I can't believe that.

It's no different from a caption that would read "Apple Unveils New Microsoft," or "Sony Unveils New Nintendo." They clearly cared enough to do a story about the Ford GT — how hard would it have been to get, you know, any facts at all whatsoever right about it? Or even string together four fucking words that make some tiny bit of rational sense?


It's not like this is just some silly typo or misspelling — this is a fundamental lack of understanding of... shit, almost everything. And this is on the news. Some people actually watch this in the fleeting hope of getting information.

I hope there's a good explanation for this, like they thought they'd try and let a horse handle things for a day or something. I really hope it's just a horse. At least that I can respect.