Ford Tweaks The Marketing Of Hybrids In New Commercial, Explains "Hybrid Gap"

Ford has hybrids? Who knew? If the Toyota Prius "cows farting" ad was the antithesis of all that is honest about automotive advertising, then this new ad for the hybrid Ford Explorer Escape cheekily mocks the advertising and marketing madness that is the cult of hybrid. Of course it's also an explanation of why the US automakers have a hybrid marketing gap as big as the feared space exploration gap when a man named Yuri was shot up into space in a capsule way back when and why they totally missed the boat on the Prius. All we know is that this commercial's as funny as the Toyota one from earlier this week — only in a diametrically opposite way.


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I'm not sure whether this commercial is serious or not. If it IS serious, it's pathetic; but if it's supposed to be a cloying joke, than, well, it's just too ambiguous in tone for me.

Not to mention the Ford Kuga, name aside, makes this...vehicle look like a manure truck.

P.S.: Great acting. The kid's a shoo-in for the next episode of Law & Order SVU. (Or is it SUV?)