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To prove the 2017 Ford Super Duty’s brand new steel frame is super-strong, Ford did exactly what you would do. They strung up a crane with about 9,000 pounds of steel cable, and dangled nine F-150s and a dump truck from it.

The voiceover from Ford shill John Brenkus is aggressive enough to press charges against, but I love me a good truck marketing spectacle. And I can’t wait to hear what my intelligent commentariat thinks of 50,000 pounds of truck dangling off a crane.

The intended takeaway here is that the new Ford Super Duty’s steel frame can bear an obscene amount of weight without visibly bending.


Not much you can do with that information, since if you have access to a crane this size you probably have better things to do than play giant puppeteer (actually...), and if you try do dump 50,000 pounds onto your pickup truck I don’t think the suspension or tires will carry you very far.

But the hilarious theatrics of truck advertising is a ceaseless source of entertainment, regardless of how much malarkey it is.

This video does remind me to check out the torsional resistance of the new Super Duty’s frame when we finally get a chance to drive it. The last one displayed some twist while the truck articulated and it’ll be interesting to see how the new frame feels when it’s being used as, well, an actual truck frame.

But truck puppets are nice.


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