Ford to put reindeer out of work with 'green' Santa sleigh

Of all the despicable things we've seen this Christmas, topping the list is probably this new "environmentally friendly" Evos sleigh from Ford, which the company admits will force many a reindeer into an early "retirement" and "dramatically downsize" Santa's organization. Poor Rudolph, he never saw EcoBoost coming.

It's a curious perspective that sees the power of carrot-fed animals as an environmental bad, and internal combustion as an environmental good.


"They may look cute, but Santa's team of nine reindeer create a staggering 214,670 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year, so something had to be done to help him re-discover his greener roots," said Ford car designer Paul Wraith, who may or may not look like the Grinch.

Somehow the EcoBoost-powered version would use less fuel than the reindeers use carrots, which might be true, but carrots are a renewable resource.

"I am not looking forward to telling Donner and Blitzen the news," said Mrs. Claus, clearly aware of the trauma of putting people out of work right before the holidays.

After hearing that the reindeer were attempting to strike, British motoring presenter Jeremy Clarkson was heard to remark that they should "all be shot in front of their parents."


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